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About Us

We take pride in our Indian heritage, known for its rich spices and global influence in the culinary world. Our expertise lies in creating fusion cuisine. Over the past 3 years, we conducted research and development, merging Italian pizza with Indian spices and recipes. Our diligent efforts resulted in the innovative Indo-Italian Style Pizza Concept, offering Italian Pizza with an Indian Twist. The possibilities for diverse pizza creations are endless with a touch of imagination. We are excited to announce the commercial launch, starting with our inaugural outlet in Chembur, Mumbai. We sincerely hope you relish our pizzas and look forward to your ongoing support as we strive for further success.

Our Story

In our bustling streets, we at Liplick Pizzeria embarked on a unique culinary journey, blending the rich flavors of India with the classic tastes of Italy. Our vision was more than just creating a dish; it was about educating our fellow Indians about the diverse food varieties within our own culture. We've always believed that food, like a universal language, has the power to unite and transcend boundaries. Just as specific attire, like a doctor's white coat, conveys a distinct message, food too carries a story that varies across cultures. To us, a pizza is not just a dish; it's a blank canvas that signifies a taste of Italy. We decided to paint this canvas with the vibrant flavors of India, introducing the Indo-Italian style cuisine. By topping Italian-style pizzas with our beloved Indian curry flavors, such as Malai tikka and chicken haryali, we not only catered to the growing demand for diverse pizza flavors but also celebrated the beautiful fusion of two distinct culinary worlds. This innovation led to what we proudly call the Indo-Italian style pizza or, as many love to say, the Indian curry pizza.


Loyalty Program

At LipLick Pizzeria, customers can earn points with each order through the loyalty program. These points can be redeemed for delicious Indo-Italian style pizzas and sides. There are different ways to earn points, such as signing up (50 points), ordering online (5% of the order value), and providing feedback. Once a certain number of points is accumulated, they can be used for discounts. However, if any discounts or offers are applied, only 2% of the order value will be given as points. To redeem points, customers must have a minimum of 50 points in their wallet.



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