About Us

About Us

LipLick Pizzeria

An Indo-Italian Style Pizza Kitchen in Chembur, Mumbai

Let’s begin with our foundation, a starting point.

We are proud that we are from the land of spices and its impact on the world’s food sector i.e. India. We specialize in fusion foods. In the last 3 years, we did R&D with Italian pizza by combining it with Indian spices and recipes. We worked hard to introduce a fusion food concept in the pizza industry called as Indo-Italian Style Pizza Concept – Italian Pizza with Indian Twist. With little imagination, there is no end to the varieties of pizzas that can be made.

We are launching commercially starting from our first Chembur, Mumbai Kitchen Outlet. We hope you will enjoy eating our pizzas and we want to take this to the next level with your continuous support.

LipLick Pizzeria is all about appreciating the beauty of imperfections and the beauty of the simplicity of daily routines of life. The same philosophy is applied to our food. The simplicity and imperfection of food combined with our cooking method bring out the best flavors in every fusion pizza we serve. As we already told you, LipLick pizzeria is all about good food and bonding. Food in India is exciting and delicious, accessible, and filled with variety. These seemingly ordinary foods attract people from all walks of life. At LipLick pizzeria, we want pizza lovers to experience the same pleasure of fusion food right within their reach.

What do we do to be the best fusion concept?

Fusion cuisine is a cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions that originate from different countries, regions, or cultures. To be One of the best fusion pizza concepts started in Chembur, Mumbai City, you'll be surprised at how we transform this common Italian food into mouth-watering pizzas that will appeal to your appetite. You will love our desi pizzas, standout pizzas, that have slow-cooked Indian Pizza Toppings, and homemade pizza sauce with a high-quality mix of buffalo mozzarella, cheddar & processed cheese. We also make fresh pizza dough in our own pizza kitchen every day so you will enjoy the freshness of Pizza in every bite, maybe it is for lunch or dinner. If you are craving to try something new, we are the only pizza brand specializing in Indo-Italian style pizza concepts in Chembur, Mumbai City.

Out Mission

Good food brings people together, which is what our concept is about. We bring the beauty in simple Italian food to enrich your bonding experience with family or friends. We want to provide every pizza lover with the best eating experience with our Indo-Italian style fusion food concept. Our well-represented pizzas bring out distinct flavors that will transport you to India and its different states. We want you to fall in love with our food, appreciating every bite of it. We want to bring people together and let you create good memories over good food. LipLick Pizzeria is a brand where you get to enjoy delicious, mouth-watering food while bonding with your friends or with your partner with our list of pizza, pasta, garlic bread, potato fries, and chicken wings.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced chefs, highly trained management, and friendly staff members who strive to provide the best service and food to pizza lovers.

Head over to www.liplickpizzeria.com, and you'll be amazed at the wonderful twist of our Indian-Italian food.

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